Aperol is a bitter alcohol drink from Italy that is often drunk as an ‘Aperitivo’. However, on its own it is not genuinely nice and usually has to be topped up with a sweeter-style Prosecco to be enjoyable.  At only 11% alcohol it also seems a bit expensive, so why are they not pouring us 120ml instead of the normally scant 60mls. I think those Italians are having a right-old-lend of us.

On the other hand, 'Vermut’, as they call it in Spain is another fortified drink, but no two recipes will be the same. Made by wineries using wine as the base and different botanicals & spices, Vermouth has been regaining ground in recent years and Australians have been embracing this aperitif as their drink of choice.

The stuff they have been serving for centuries is now becoming quite the trend in Sydney, as it can be drunk on its own, it comes in white & red, can be used as a mixer in cocktails, is a perfect pairing for nibbles, it’s has more alcohol than Aperol, and finally, it’s cheaper and you get more of it.

So next time you’re think of buying Aperol, why not try a Spanish Vermouth instead?


Build your own - minimum order 6 bottles

Spanish Gin