BARRICA WINES was started in 2013 one year after Tapavino in Sydney was opened.

It was primarily to service their 4 venues and over time has grown into the largest importer of Spanish beverages into Australia, with around 350 different products. 


BUY-WINES was started in 2020 because of the corona-virus restrictions affecting all our venues. With 5000 bottles of wine in one venue alone, restaurants need to move stock quickly.

All wines shown on this website are up to 70% off the wine lists and effectively being sold at near liquidation prices. New wines from Australia & around the world will be added each day, as more restaurants look to offload their inventory at discounted prices.

There are some amazing wines to be had, drunk or even cellared for your collection.


You may find cheaper wines on other online sites, but not as good as you will find here.

We hope you support BUYWINES, as the funds will be going back to all the hospitality venues that participate.


BUYWINES will continue to trade after restaurants re-open, but not at these low prices, so get in NOW!