Why we're over French R O S É

Updated: May 29


French “Provence” Rosé is like breakfast, it always looks the same and tastes the same. Occasionally you want to go out have bacon & eggs, something more substantial, richer, more mouthfeel, or even something on the sweeter side. Drinking Rose should be the same, choose the wine based on the occasion you are in. Rosé comes from the skin contact on red grapes, the less contact and the juice will have a lighter ‘pink hue’. The longer time spent on skins and the flavour profile and colour intensifies. Just because it’s darker doesn’t mean it is sweeter. Most of the light-coloured wines will be dry and are perfect for pre-dinner drinks, or for just getting on it. The darker style roses are perfect when eating and should be paired with the meal you’re enjoying. Spain make some incredible wines that cover the spectrum for all Rosé drinkers. Being involved in restaurants we always recommend the darker style wines when eating, and once the diner is convinced, most of them are happy that they stepped outside their comfort zone.  Are you willing to trying something different?

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